About Us

History and progression of the charity

The Henry Bloom Noble Trust is one of the Isle of Man’s longest established charities, set up following the death of the Island’s greatest benefactor, Henry Bloom Noble.

The Trust was originally established in 1888 as ‘The Trustees of Noble’s Isle of Man Hospital and Dispensary’ by an Act of Tynwald following the death of Noble’s wife, Rebecca, with the first Trustees being the Lord Bishop and the Clerk of the Rolls. The charity signed a deed gifting a parcel of land in Douglas for the purpose of building a new hospital, which Noble facilitated the construction of, and which is now home to the Manx Museum.

In 1909, following Noble’s death, the Trust became a statutory body and in March 2003 was renamed ‘The Henry Bloom Noble Trust’. In the same year, responsibility for the Trust was handed to Tynwald and the provisions of the Trust were widened to allow it to support both public and private healthcare organisations and initiatives in the Island.

The fortune Henry Bloom Noble bequeathed to the Island has been used to establish landmarks such as Noble’s Hospital, the Villa Marina, St Ninian’s Church, Noble’s Park and Ramsey Cottage Hospital. With the ongoing generosity of donations and benefactors, the Trust is able to continue in its quest to help provide high quality healthcare services in the Isle of Man.

Aims and Objectives

The purpose of the Trust is to support the provision of high quality healthcare in the Isle of Man, which is largely based around Noble’s Hospital in Braddan, which opened in 2003, with financial aid given by the Trust.

With the help of donations and bequests, the Trust aims to: